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Friday, February 03, 2012

An observation about Susan G. Komen For The Cure and Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood shouldn't be complaining one measly bit about Susan G. Komen For The Cure dropping its funding.

After all, Planned Parenthood became something not wanted or needed... and so Komen gave it an abortion.

What? I thought Planned Parenthood was pro-choice. Komen made a choice. It chose to abort its relationship with Planned Parenthood. Komen has the right to choose, doesn't it?

And now a dozen or so senators are condemning Komen for what it has done to Planned Parenthood. I thought the government was supposed to stay out of people's private lives where pro-choice is concerned. Guess I was wrong.

Personally, I don't see how anyone with a shred of conscience can support Planned Parenthood. Its founder Margaret Sanger was a notorious racist and believer in eugenics. This has been well documented. Planned Parenthood was an organization intended to kill off minorities, the mentally ill and everyone else who didn't measure up to Sanger's ideal of humanity. How could anybody possessing a soul at all defend such a ghoulish group?


Anonymous said...

That's going to leave a mark!!!!!!!

Chris Knight said...

Just reading breaking news that Komen is going to keep funding Planned Patenthood after all.

Planned Parenthood raised its voice and was heard.

Too bad that the baby in the womb has no such voice...

Geoff Gentry xforce11 said...

So Planned Parenthood complained that Komen was playing to politics in cutting funding (it was not). Now Komen is bowing to politics by reversing their decision. So who looses? Komen for bowing under pressure and not backing their decision. Plus Planned Parenthood never has preformed Mammograms. They only referred women to places that did. They then took the grant money Komen gave them and paid the other places for the Mammograms. So the clinics and offices that truly deserved funding from Komen now still have to go through the middle man of Planned Parenthood. Seems to me like they could support more women if they didn't have to go through a middle man. But it seems what makes the most financial sense gets over ruled by politics.

Yes the baby in the womb has no voice but ours!

Kristen said...

I agree with your post, completely... then shook my head when I saw your comment, that SGK has reversed their decision. I think they've made people on both sides of the abortion issue mad - pro-lifers for giving in to pressure and supporting an organization that funds abortions, and pro-choicers are mad that they initially chose to stop funding PP and even with this new development, won't support them.

SGK has lost the respect of a lot of people this week, for different reasons. I'm all for finding a cure for cancer, supporting organizations that do so... but there are plenty of other ones besides SGK out there.

Geoff Gentry xforce11 said...

Yes Kristen like http://breastcancerrelief.org/

Anonymous said...

Bart has an excellent eye for these things.

Anonymous said...