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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

"Mantyhose"?! What the...?!?

Folks, what I'm about to show you is so disturbing, some might even call it so obscene, that for the first time in The Knight Shift's history I am NOT going to show it to you outright. Instead I am at last going to make use of the "jump break" feature, and give you the choice of whether or not you really want to look at this aberration from the natural order of the universe.

(And in case you're wondering, blame falls on my girlfriend Kristen for finding this. It wasn't me who stumbled upon it, honest!)

Ready? Brace yourself...

I warned you! But you had to go ahead and look! I pray you'll find a restful night's sleep after you let this abomination into your peepers. What has been seen, can never be un-seen.

Those things are called "mantyhose". Yes, pantyhose for men!! Nevermind that the last time in modern history when men donned pantyhose openly, it was the French Revolution and the nutcases who were operating the guillotines at least had the decency to wear real honest-to-God pants.

(No, Superman and Robin Hood don't count either...)

Here I was, trying to find something to blog about 'cuz it's been a few days since the last post, and what does my lovely ladyfriend find for me?


This is how Hunter S. Thompson first turned to drugs, isn't it?

Seriously, any dude caught wearing "mantyhose" oughtta be strung up on sight. Who the hell wears this crap? Who the hell thinks up this crap to begin with?

I'll try to find a better use for jump breaks from now on, promise.


Jaime Casstevens said...

This is really disturbing! I would die if I saw a man wearing these.