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Friday, March 23, 2012

Playing catch-up

Wow. Didn't mean to go so long without writing a blog post. But I rather enjoyed my unplanned respite. Didn't go anywhere. Just... felt led to spend time away from the keyboard, letting God lead me to contemplate some things.

So now that I'm back...

1. Elton John at the Roanoke Civic Center last week was the most electrifying concert that I've ever been to. From the moment he took to the stage he performed for darn nearly three hours without stopping. It has to be said: this man is show business personified.

2. The season finale of The Walking Dead, I watched with my girlfriend Kristen and her mom. All three of us were screaming throughout and I dang nearly went berzerk with giddy excitement when we got our first look at Michonne (with those two zombies in tow). Going out of Season 2 by showing us the prison, well I don't know what else to say: Bring on Season 3 and the Governor!

3. Congratulations to one of my best friends Steven Glaspie on his engagement to his sweet and lovely girlfriend Allison! Steven went all-out for his lady. Remember that diamond that Superman crushed from a piece of coal in Superman III? Yeah it's like that.

4. The next few months will prove to be interesting. Parse that as you will.