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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Hello, I am currently blogging while on the backside of some horrid food poisoning, which hit in the wee hours of early Monday morning and I'm only now gaining some semblance of coherency from. Based on the symptoms it might have been salmonella, because I had all the classic signs except blood in the diarrhea stool. And there might have been that anyway, I didn't bother to look that closely. One of the more prominent things was that it left me extremely dehydrated, that I almost had to be hospitalized. Probably would have, maybe even died, had Kristen and Dad not been here. Gotta be thankful that God put such good people into my life who will talk sense into me when male machismo wants to be stubborn :-)

I'm not going to eat that Bhut jolokia pepper, or any other super-hot pepper, like I've been making plans to for awhile. I don't want to risk anything that could make me anywhere that close to being sick as a dog again. This was the WORST health-related experience of my life (yeah even worse than that flu I had in '96 that had me saying all kinds of... funny stuff).

Me go rest some more. Then I'll tell y'all about MythBusters on Tour that we saw on Sunday night :-)


Lyle B said...

Chris stop eating your home cooking ;P