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Sunday, May 20, 2012

There's a brand new girl in my life!

Awright, yes, I know: I have been woefully slack in blogging of late. Didn't even get around to doing that write-up about ActionFest (I'll be brief: Solomon Kane is the purest Robert E. Howard adaptation we've ever gotten and it oughtta kick all kinds of unholy booty at the box office, Goon is a riot, ManBorg shows how anyone can make an awesome movie for less than a thousand dollars Canadian, and Comin' At Ya! 3-D 30th Anniversary was the craziest midnight showing I've ever attended). And there was also this really big ballroom dance thingy that Kristen did a few weeks ago, that I'll be posting some video of hopefully sooner than later. 'Twas the first time that our families got to meet each other :-)

Anyway, there's plenty of good reason why I've been away from the blog more than I'd liked. There's some crazy good stuff happening behind the scenes on this end of things that have demanded full-time attention.

And Lord willing, I'll get to share some of it soon.

But in the meantime, I would like to present a tale of love at first sight.

Click after the jump for the rest of the story!

 We first met about four weeks ago. From the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew I was in love with her. So has everyone else that has met her.

And this afternoon, she came home with me.

So here's Tammy...

As you can see, Kristen is especially smitten with Tammy :-)

It didn't take long for Tammy to have Dad wrapped around her little finger... errr, I mean paw :-)

After we brought her home Kristen and I gave Tammy her first bath. When we finished drying her off the pup was a bit tuckered out so she took a nap...

And here she is in the cage we're using for crate training...

Expect the occasional overdose of extreme cuteness on this blog from here on out :-)

EDIT 12:01 a.m. 05/21/2012: Kristen shot some video with her camera and edited together this lil' montage of Tammy clips from her first day with us!


Anonymous said...

O my word. First time on your blog, I thought you were talking about a lady. Luckily I am a dog lover also, so I smiled at your antics in goodwill! Have a great day.