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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

An observation about the Aurora movie theater shooting...

There are far more comedy movies than action movies

If movies are to blame for violence, how come we don't see comedy breaking out in the streets?


Salsera415 said...

So true so true Christopher Knight!!! It is utterly disgusting to see how the media has COMPLETELY politicized this tragedy, and turned it into medium for furthering their own political agendas such as gun control, media censorship, etc. At what point did we as a society stop holding people responsible for their own actions.?? We all have our own feelings and thoughts about what we see on television and in films, but it is ultimately our own decision on how we act on those feelings, is it not? But yet society now is so quick to blame movies, tv, and music for the delinquency and moral decline of today's youth!!! Since when did parents get a reprieve from parenting? Why are parents NOT being held responsible for what they let their kids watch and listen to? While it's true parents can't be with their children every minute of every day, parents still have the responsibility of monitoring them when they are not at school, showing them the difference between right and wrong, and teaching them how to distinguish reality from fiction in a film. Moreover, if a child displays signs of distress and mental illness, it is THEIR responsibility to seek help and treatment so as to not allow a troubled child grow up to be a 24-year-old mass murderer. And while I do agree that television and films these days can use some more Brady family wholesomeness, it's high time people STOP blaming movies and music for the decline of society!!!!