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Friday, August 10, 2012

And pray at the Republican convention too, right? Right? Hello...?

A few weeks from now, on the eve of the Democrat National Convention starts in Charlotte, an event called Charlotte714 will be held at the Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre.

Here is how it's being described by USNews.com...

On the night before the Democratic convention in Charlotte, at the tip of America's bible belt, more than 40 evangelical, Baptist and other Christian churches will host a massive church service in the 20,000 seat Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre.

"Charlotte714," as the Sept. 2 event is being called, was inspired by bible verse 2 Chronicles 7:14, which instructs that if people "turn from their wicked ways," God will forgive their sins. The group's website says that with the country's focus on Charlotte that week, in a "morally degenerating culture," it is an opportunity to organize a service that will help "[God's] church return to Him."

So a bunch of evangelical Christians are going to show up at the Democratic convention and pray for people to "turn from their wicked ways".

And I'm assuming that this same group of evangelical Christians will also be having a similar event prior to the Republican convention in Tampa, right?

I mean, why should a group of churches be at one political party's gathering, apparently implying that said party is "wicked" and "evil", and not at the other party's gathering?

Are these evangelical Christians implying that because one political party is "wicked", that the other one must be "good"?

I wouldn't dare make a judgment about any person's condition of his or her soul. But all the same: these Christians, however well-meaning they may be...

...well, they just don't get it. About how corrupt and fallen and broken this world is. Including the United States of America. Especially the United States of America.

These people expect that this country will have a "miraculous turn-around", if only the right people get elected into office. Funny thing: I've seen firsthand "their people" get into office. And nothing happened. Nothing substantially good anyway.

These people perceive themselves as holy warriors in the "Culture War". They should take off the blinders and realize that the Culture War has been lost and it's their OWN fault as much as anyone else's.

If these evangelical types were at all consistent, they would be planning and staging an event no less as massive at the Republican convention also. But, we all know that's not going to happen. And I wouldn't want them to be at the Republican convention any more than I see how they will do any good at the Democrat one.

These people are trying to save the world with political power, and they have become so blinded by might - by their own - that they either can't or they won't acknowledge how they themselves have driven America away from God.

We can serve God, or we can serve power. But we cannot serve both.


~Melinda said...

We have a Republican-led House now. What have they done to better our nation? Why do people seem to NOT remember this when they talk about our "evil" leaders?!?!