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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

And on the day after...

...we still woke up. The sun rose again. There was a new morning. Life did go on.

In fact, it couldn't sincerely be said that much of anything changed at all.

This country, this world even, is not made by the grace of a single man or woman. An individual can render it grievous harm however.

But in the end, America - and every other country for that matter - is the result of the diligence of her entire people. And I tend to believe she is only as good as the lengths her people will go to admit that they are not wise enough to govern this land with mere human reasoning.

Acknowledging that much is the beginning of the enlightenment that the Founders prayed we might have. We've lost sight of that, and that has to be said regardless of what "party" we might belong to.

I'm going to have more to say about this election in the coming days. Including some things that may not be very popular, but I think they need to be said anyway.

In the meantime, congratulations to everyone who won his or her respective election.

I wrote that four years ago, on the morning after the last presidential election. Thought it was worth sharing again this morning.


Marc said...

Chris, I'd be interested in hearing your commentary and analysis as to why obama won and romney lost.

Chris Knight said...


I can't think of any more reason than this: the Republicans ran a WAY wrong candidate. One who did not and could not be conservative enough.

No, I'm not being facetious at all. I sincerely believe that there are more people than not in this country who are fed up with bigger government, more taxes, more spending, more mandates, more regulations, more government intrusion into matters which government has no business being in, and so forth...

And had the Republicans' national leadership not been so keen on taping Romney as the GOP candidate, I think the regular people making up the Republican party would have had a candidate who genuinely would have reflected the values of less government, fiscal sanity etc.

Mitt Romney was NOT that candidate. He could never be that candidate. Not with his prior legislative record indicating tremendous shallowness on his part.

But the Republican leadership didn't care for that. They wanted Romney, as opposed to actual small-government conservatives like Herman Cain and Ron Paul.

What happened last night? We got to see that as of now, the Republicans and the Democrats really are two heads of the same bird. There is NO discernible difference between the two.

The Republican leadership seem determined to make their party "Democrats Lite". They got their wish.

And if the Republicans keep this up, if the average citizens making up the bulk of the party keep tolerating this, the Republicans will become increasingly irrelevant until they won't be much of a party at all.

Obama didn't win last night. The Republicans LOST. When they should have won the White House in a landslide... IF they had run an honest-to-goodness candidate more or less conservative.

And Romney was not it.

I'll always earnestly contend that the two-party cartel is destroying this country. But you asked, and that's my honest answer.

Chris Knight said...

Just realized there were a bunch of grammatical errors in that last comment. D'oh! Ahh well I'm still just getting woking up...