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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Just back from SKYFALL

Go see it. Now. Trust Chris. And trust Chris's girlfriend too.

Let's just say this: I loved Casino Royale. I enjoyed Quantum of Solace. BUT...

Skyfall is what those first two movies were building up to. Daniel Craig has been James Bond for the better part of a decade. And now with Skyfall his James Bond is at last, now and forever, 007.

If you've seen it already then you understand. If you haven't yet well... you are in for a hella wild and 'splosive ride!!

Best. Bond. Movie. Ever. I have to see it again!!


Brett said...

Skyfall is amaaaaazing! Even people who aren't 007 fans are loving it! Everyone I know who saw it so far said they want to see it again.

Adele's Skyfall is the best James Bond movie theme song in a long time! Waay better than Madonna's song for Die Another Day. I thought it was the best since Tina Turner's Goldeneye.

Chris Knight said...

"Skyfall" by Adele is everything that a theme song for a James Bond movie should be. I bought it on iTunes yesterday and have been playing it like crazy! And I agree: it's the best once since "GoldenEye" by Tina Turner (wow, that was 17 years ago!)

And I know what you mean: I wanna see it again too!! I've never had a James Bond movie in my private library but I'm definitely getting this when it hits Blu-ray!