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Monday, December 17, 2012

It's the REAL first trailer for STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS!

Eleven days ago J.J. Abrams' boys at Bad Robot let loose their teaser for Star Trek Into Darkness. Paramount is officially calling that one an "announcement" for the upcoming movie.

Then this afternoon they release what they're claiming is the actual first trailer for it.

Confused? Yeah me too kinda.

But I think most will agree: this could be, so far, the most intense and poignant trailer for a Star Trek movie ever:

You're gonna have to watch it in Quicktime if you wanna see it 'cuz at the moment the Paramount lawyers are having it wiped like crazy from YouTube. Besides, you REALLY want to watch this in full beautiful Quicktime anyway. Trust me :-)

Still no word on whether or not Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing Khan. But right now the confidence is pretty high that Alice Eve's character will be Carol Marcus. And then there's that final shot from this trailer that will remind everyone of a certain famous scene from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan...

Gotta love a good mystery!


Scott Bradford said...

I don't get a 'Khan' feeling from him.... And Carol Marcus doesn't know who Khan is when she encounters him in Star Trek II, although that doesn't necessarily mean anything since we're in an alternate timeline now.

The Cumberbatch character reminds me more of a either a Section 31 agent or a time cop from the future like Braxton or Daniels.

Section 31 was always interesting -- the darker side of Starfleet. And I like the idea of a temporal agent stepping in to restore the proper Star Trek timeline, but I doubt Abrams will take it in that direction. Even if he does bring in a temporal agent, it will be for some other purpose.

Chris Knight said...

Hmmmm... "John Harrison" (the name of Cumberbatch's character for the moment) is one of those temporal agents but he's REALLY honked-off about the destruction of Vulcan.

I could see that as being the potential for a new and wholly original villain.