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Thursday, December 06, 2012

"So... shall we begin?" STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS teaser is online!

I'm telling y'all here and now, that when Star Trek Into Darkness comes out in May... that for the first time in my life I will show up on its premiere night wearing a Starfleet costume. And I will wear the uniform proudly! I even have an idea for it but you good readers will have to just wait and see :-)

So what is it that would so motivate your friend and humble narrator to make such a drastic departure from his usual space saga haberdashery?

Boldly go and watch this teaser trailer! Do it NOW!!

Okay, I am going to place my bets now: that is Khan Noonien Singh who Benedict Cumberbatch is playing. And that's my final answer until we know for sure. Because whoever Cumberbatch's character is he is absurdly strong, agile and blessed with apparently superior intellect. Sound like a certain genetically-enhanced superman to me...

And the rest of the teaser ain't too shabby either :-)

Wanna see it even better? Set your phasers to "fun" and watch it in full high-def glorious Quicktime here!


Drew M. said...

Actually, alot of speculation now is that Cumberbatch is playing Gary Mitchell. And alot of that speculation comes from Alice Eve's character looking alot like Dr. Elizabeth Dehner from "Where No Man Has Gone Before"

Chris Knight said...

The biggest strike against it being Gary Mitchell is IDW's ongoing Star Trek comic series, taking place after the events of the '09 Star Trek movie. The first two issues of the series were the alternate reality's version of "Where No Man Has Gone Before". It not only introduced Gary Mitchell, it killed him (and shot his corpse out into space for good measure :-)

Besides, why would someone as increasingly all-powerful as Gary Mitchell do battle with something as mundane as a big-a$$ gun? To paraphrase Kirk from another Trek movie: "Why does God need a phaser cannon?" :-P

Chris Knight said...

Forgot to mention that IDW's Star Trek is being overseen by Robert Orci, who wrote '09 Star Trek and now Star Trek Into Darkness. As far back as production of the new movie has been, it's hard to see them wanting to put Mitchell into the comics without Orci going full-tilt negative about it :-P

Drew M. said...

Well, people are guessing that if it is Mitchell, he's been resurrected with the sacrifice of most of his abilities, and he might be seeking to restore his abilities. I doubt it's Khan, because even though Khan had enhanced strength he wasn't as strong as Cumberbatch's character appears to be in the trailer.