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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

This is Obama's Mariel Boatlift

In 1981, Cuban president Fidel Castro released over a hundred thousand Cubans - many from jails and mental health facilities - who made their way to Florida in what became known as the Mariel Boatlift.

Mariel Boatlift, Cuba, Florida, United States, 1981, illegal immigration
Photo credit: State Archives of Florida
In 2013, United States president Barack Obama this week has directed Department of Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano to release "thousands" of undocumented immigrants - many of which are being held for criminal offenses - from facilities in Florida.  And Texas.  And Arizona.  And Louisiana. And Georgia.  And California.  And probably other states.

This is allegedly because there is no money in the government coffers to pay the ICE agents and the automatic budget cuts (the "sequester") goes into effect this Friday.

The response from the White House today is that we could expect an increase in terrorism and massive illegal immigration.  Yeah that's right: reduce the number of illegal aliens in the country by increasing the number of illegal aliens in the country...

illegal aliens, illegal immigration, flipping the bird, the finger, grabbing crotch

 ...and we'd better do it "or else".

Call it what you will, but I can't see how it's anything but blackmail on a national scale.

In a different time and a better reality, what Obama and Napolitano are doing would be an impeachable offense.  But that was when there was the rule of law in America and not the rule of men.

Nothing good will come of this.  It is an obscene dereliction of duty and forsaking of oaths of office.  And there will be hell to pay.  For the entire country.


Ahhhh-meego Chris said...

Politico reports Obama didnt know about Mad Janet's DHS releasing the illegals.

Suuuuuure you didn't Barry!


Another Chris

Chris Knight said...

There is no way, no how that Obama did not know about the illegals getting released. And probably well in advance.

If he is claiming this, then it could be setting up Napolitano to fall on her sword so that Obama saves some face.

One way or another, Janet Napolitano has been a disaster as DHS secretary. Homeland Security is the most despicable and un-needed government agency ever and Napolitano has made it even more despicable.

She should have stood up to Obama and told him "we can't do this" in regard to the illegals. For failing to do that alone, she needs to go.