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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Why you SHOULDN'T buy THE WALKING DEAD AMC Original Soundtrack Vol. 1


This is not cool, AMC. Not cool at all.

A little while ago my beating heart be stilled when I read that the first soundtrack album of AMC's megakewl series The Walking Dead is set to be released on March 19th!

I know, right? Happy-dance time. Because there has been a massive demand for a soundtrack CD from this show for ages. It's at least more than a year overdue.

What have we wanted all this time? Nothing less than The Walking Dead's orchestral score. A bona-fide album of all the major pieces that Bear McCreary has composed for this show. EVERY bit of the music that has been most-desired on a quality album, going back to Season 1.

So are we getting that on March 19th?


Lemme put it this way: I don't possibly see how The Walking Dead: AMC Original Soundtrack Volume 1 can honestly be called an "original soundtrack" with a straight face. Much less marketed and sold to us.

Here's the upcoming CD's cover...

Here is the album's official page on AMC's website, which includes the track listing. There is one - count 'em, ONE - track that could be called something from the score: the title theme. And that one isn't even the actual theme at all but a remix!

I'm getting a little tired of this crap. Longtime readers of this blog know what I mean. Remember the nonsense we went through to get Steve Jablonsky's epic Transformers score released on an album? A lot of people bought that Transformers "soundtrack" CD because they believed in good faith that they were getting Jablonsky's music... only to find that they had been deceived. Some of us pitched a fit (and righteously so) to get a legitimate score CD released. Heck, THOUSANDS of people signed that petition! In the end it finally got published (though I will admit: there is evidence that it was going to be released eventually anyway but hey: "the squeaky wheel gets the grease", right?)

To its credit, that first Transformers album did not say "Soundtrack" on its cover. It said "Music from and inspired by..."

AMC has the gall to call THIS The Walking Dead album a "soundtrack"... and it's... well, it's just gosh-#$&@ dishonest marketing. I see one track in that listing that I would want. That's "The Parting Glass". And I already have that via iTunes.

AMC, listen up: I would be extremely happy to pay good money for a true album of Bear McCreary's The Walking Dead score. So would many, many other fans of the show as well. Remember the music that played at the very end of "Beside the Dying Fire", as the camera panned up and we got our first-ever glimpse of the prison? Or that tense piece in the final scene of "Better Angels" as Rick and Carl are standing in the field, unaware of that gigantic herd of walkers that were approaching the farm?

Those and a bunch more McCreary pieces from Seasons 1 and 2, we are eager to get our grubby paws on. We want this more than you might imagine. We do not want this new "Original Soundtrack Vol. 1" when to call it a soundtrack is disingenuous at best.

So be warned my fellow Walk-aholics: if you are looking for Bear McCreary's The Walking Dead soundtrack score, it won't be on The Walking Dead: AMC Original Soundtrack Vol. 1. I don't know what precisely to call this album: maybe an "inspired by..." compilation. But it is not an honest-to-goodness soundtrack in the least shape or form.

AMC, fix this. You know what needs to be done.

Don't make us go all-petitiony and media-mayheming on y'all...


Anonymous said...

With the success of the Battlestar Galactica soundtracks, I can't for the life of me understand why they aren't dying to release Bear McCreary's score. I would buy the Walking Dead score in a heartbeat, as would many other people.

Anonymous said...

Why is that AMC will release a Breaking Bad soundtrack? Albeit it took 2 years after they released their version of music from and inspired by the show. Why can't they just get with it and release it, or at least let Bear release it via his own distribution channels.

Doug B said...

Agree completely. In fact I favorited AMC's FB post re the soundtrack the moment I saw it, then UNfavorited it the moment I read the songlist. Bear McCreary IS the soundtrack, end of story.

Geoff Gentry xforce11 said...

Own all 4 seasons of Bear's BSG work and it is great. Poor job AMC.

PoisonousTiger said...

That's why I created a petition for the original score: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Walking-Dead-Original-Score-Petition/508564139204333?ref=stream

Just search "The Walking Dead Original Score Petition" and you'll find it on facebook. Once I get enough likes, I'm going to forward it to AMC.

Unknown said...

I am fucking pissed at amc!!!! I NEED A WALKING DEAD SOUNDTRACK BY BEAR MACCREARY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!