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Friday, April 26, 2013

Could it be?! ANOTHER picture of Lauryn AND Rachael?!?

It has been an unconscionably long time since my blog has seen a photo of either Lauryn or Rachael.  And some of you have been whining and crying for one all along.  Oddly enough they've all been guys.  Whenever one of these two cousins of mine have had their picture on this site, the traffic seems to ramp up considerably.  Funny, that...

Y'all owe Lauryn herself some thanks for this, boys!  Last night her grandmother, my aunt Billie (who also demonstrates how this family is unfairly blessed with lovely ladies) posted a photo of Lauryn and Rachael on Facebook.  I commented (not for the first time) how beautiful they are and a few minutes later Lauryn replied...
"Lol, Did we make the blog? ...It's been awhile ;-)"
Awright, she asked for it!!  And Rachael seems to be having fun with this too (but have a care fellas: she's now ENGAGED!  And her dad is a big, big dude along with being a pastor...)

You wanted it, you've got it!  Here are Rachael and Lauryn: two of the sweetest, most Christian and incredibly beautiful women you are ever likely to meet in this world...

And if y'all are really good, there might be more of them still to come :-)