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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

This week's Tammy Tuesday is a case of equine envy!

Poor Tammy.  Ever since I brought her home last year, she has often sat alongside the horse pasture next to our land and watched the horses.  I can't help but think that deep down, she believes she's going to grow up to be that big someday, too!

Tammy, miniature dachshund, dog, horse

I always tell her that she doesn't need to be a horse and I wouldn't want her to be one either! I mean, a horse can't snuggle up next to you on a sofa while you read a book. It can't play with you indoors. It can't sit patiently at the dinner table with those irresistibly cute eyes waiting for a tasty morsel of steak or barbecue chicken.  It can't lay against your bedroom door as you sleep at night, guarding you against monsters and the bogey-man.

And for my money, I think a miniature dachshund can outrun a horse any day!  For short distances anyway :-)