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Monday, May 20, 2013

I purposely stayed off the Internet for the past 48 hours


Because I wasn't able to watch the season finale of Doctor Who until just now. I had to wait for my girlfriend Kristen to arrive back home from a wedding out of state. We weren't going to see this one without each other.

So a few minutes ago we finally finished "The Name of the Doctor".

My immediate reaction? Unprintable. I can't even come up with words right now.

Gonna see Star Trek Into Darkness with her. Maybe by then I'll have calmed down enough.

The most senses-shattering ending of a Doctor Who story ever.

More coherent reaction later.


Ron said...

Good for you for waiting though! I read an article recently about "cheating" on your spouse with TV shows... basically, watching a show that you watch together before your partner is there to watch it with you hahah.