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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

This week's Tammy Tuesday guest stars "Weird" Ed Woody!

Hey gang, been a mite busy on this end of things, but don't let that stop us from having our weekly does of mini dachshund hijinks!

This past weekend my longtime friend and filmmaking partner "Weird" Ed Woody came to visit.  And it so happened that this was the very first time that he and Tammy have had a chance to meet.  I was outside with her when he pulled into the driveway and had my camera with me, so I got to record their first-ever encounter...

It took Tammy awhile to get used to somebody so new...

 ...but it wasn't long before she really took on to Ed, as you can tell :-)

Incidentally, Ed and I discussed our next film project.  It's gonna be the first one we've done in quite some time.  Maybe we should give Tammy a cameo?