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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

ObamaCare employer mandate delayed until AFTER next election

The employer mandate component of Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act health-care scheme has been delayed from implementation until 2015.  That's after the 2014 elections, mind you.  Not well before.

Can Obama do that?  I mean, I thought the Affordable Care Act was codified law.  Seems kinda illegal to invalidate the most sweeping legislation in living memory like that, even if it's only part of it.

I have an idea: let ObamaCare go into full-blown effect now.  Let Obama and those who pushed for the Affordable Care Act see what happens.  They wanted us to have this, we should give them what they want.

(Don't think for a moment that this isn't about politics.  Gotta wonder if the ACA will keep getting punted down the field for the next several elections to come.)

'Course, Obama himself, members of Congress and other government officials have exempted themselves from the Affordable Care Act.

I'll say this: if that's the way it is, then we the people should exempt ourselves as well.  If it's not good enough for them, it's obviously not good enough for us either.