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Friday, December 20, 2013

All I intend to say about A&E firing Phil Robertson...

A&E fired the star of not just its #1-rated series, but the top-rated series in the history of cable television.

That's not just shooting yourself in the foot; that's chainsawing your leg off at the hip.

This will go down as the stoopidest move in television programming history.  He could have been less crass about it, but Robertson said nothing any more offensive than the vast majority of other series.  Based on Robertson's comments, I'd say that he's expressing the heart of a true Christian: love God, and love each other.  When Phil Robertson said that he has no hate toward anyone else and that God created each of us equal and loves us in spite of how wayward we go from Him, I can't but trust his heart on the matter.

Let's say this for what it really is: Phil Robertson and the rest of his family on Duck Dynasty are coming under attack because they won't endorse the homosexual lifestyle.  This isn't about "intolerance" on Phil's part: if anything it's the people at GLAAD and the Human Rights Initiative that are being intolerant toward others.

This is about perhaps, at most, 3% of the population demanding that it's not enough that their lifestyle be accepted, but that it also must be admired.

Phil Robertson can't do that.  Neither can I.

Gay, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders are not a "persecuted" class of people.  They have no basis to claim being oppressed or attacked.  All they have in the public arena of ideas is proclaiming themselves to be victims demanding attention and sympathy.

Please, somebody tell me: how is one man shoving his penis up another man's anus an act requiring sympathy and compassion on my part?

Okay, maybe I could have been less crass there, too.  But ya gotta admit: Phil Robertson is only asking what has been on the minds of a vast number of people.  Certainly more than the number of militant homosexual lobbyists now crying for Robertson blood.


Anonymous said...

Something to read and consider,

Former Editor of ‘Young Gay America’ Turned Christian Celebrates Marriage to Wife

Anonymous said...

"Please, somebody tell me: how is one man shoving his penis up another man's anus an act requiring sympathy and compassion on my part?"

I will remember next time you have a public melt down about one of your relationships that it's just about a penis and a vagina and requires no sympathy on my part.

Your lack of empathy for those different from you is well documented in your blog and essentially negates whatever good you may do for the causes of mental health or religion.

Chris Knight said...

"Your lack of empathy for those different from you is well documented in your blog and essentially negates whatever good you may do for the causes of mental health or religion."

According to you then, in addition to homosexuals I should also have empathy for polygamists, pedophiles, necrophiliacs and those who practice bestiality.

Pray tell, at what point does the empathy and sympathy finally break? Or is there no such point? Does every deviant behavior now warrant acceptance from everyone?

Chris Knight said...


In the next few days this blog will be having its tenth anniversary and also celebrating its 5,000th post.

What is the heartmeat of The Knight Shift? What has it been about, all of this time?

It's been my own humble attempt to document, chronicle and explore the human condition. Namely, my own. Not the richest or most famous person, certainly not among the greatest. But it's been my own little corner of the Internet from which to observe and reflect from.

I've made mistakes along the way. Those mistakes are part of my life-long journey. Many of them have wound up part of this blog. I would be worse than a fool to go back and delete anything for sake of making myself look the least bit "perfect".

If you or anyone else can do as I have or better, then by all means, please do. I've nothing to apologize for. It has been 100% Chris Knight all this time, including the rare guest-written pieces. This blog has been about things I'm interested in, sharing my thoughts on a LOT of different subject, even chronicling things like running for office.

I wouldn't change a thing. And if given the chance, I don't know if I would have changed anything between then and now.

Anonymous said...

I assume you view your past relationships in terms other than what you did with your genitals. Why do you think homosexuals are any different? Equating being gay with bestiality, pedophilia, and necrophilia is either ignorant or bigoted ... you make the call. There's certainly no evidence of such a connection.

The original question was why should a TV personality be dismissed for his beliefs? I could care less. The show is staged, scripted and completely fake so if they think intolerance will sell, I'm sure he'll keep his job. The producers don't care a bit about offending ... only sales. If they think he'll hurt sales, he's gone. They'll make a business decision.

Meanwhile, all the regular attention seekers march out with a public defense of Phil in search of the lucrative bigot market.

If I were you, I wouldn't have even brought it up. The whole issue is trivial.

J.T.R. said...

"Anonymous" you're proving Chris's point whether or not you realize it. You can't split hairs and say homosexuality is different from polygamy and bestiality. If you believe there's no connection you should consider for a moment that movements to legalize polygamy are already getting started, because of "gay marriage" being made "legal."

To the best of my understanding Chris has never been a bigot. He criticizes himself more than any writer I know, admits his faults. That's one of the reasons why I respect Chris tremendously. You are making a groundless accusation while hiding behind anonymity. Tell us who you are, let us judge you about whether YOU are the bigot here.

Anonymous said...

…Chris' mental illness would have been considered deviant behavior if not "abnormal" in some societies both far back in history and more recently.

He may have even been stoned to death for it or shot or beheaded or gassed to death for being so "defective".

Yet he ignorantly passes judgement on the personal sexual activities of others.