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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Let's ring in the New Year with style!

It's none other than Grandpa Jones and his lovely wife Ramona doing something truly amazing with a whole bunch of cowbells...

Dare I do it? Dare I?!?

I can't resist...
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"I gotta fever!  And the only prescription is MORE COWBELL!"
 If you don't know who Grandpa Jones was, you need some educatin' in the worst way!  Louis Marshall Jones was a longtime fixture on country music radio and the Grand Ol' Opry.  He picked up his stage name when he worked at WBZ in Boston and was playfully called "Grandpa" because he was so cranky in the mornings.  Jones decided to make an act of it.  That was 1935 and Jones was "Grandpa Jones" all the way up to his passing in 1998.  He's long been regarded as one of the greatest banjo players ever.

And he even played cowbell!  And more of it! :-)