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Sunday, September 28, 2014

75,000 words!

As of today, the book project has officially smashed through the 75,000 words mark.

This is considered the minimum point of a memoir. And that's what this is (among other things).

That is enough material to quantify as being a book. But there is much work still to be done. It wouldn't surprise me if at least one of the "locked-down" chapters was re-written, and that's what I'm considering even now. One of the first chapters written is also now being taken apart piece-by-piece and those parts implemented in a chapter I've just started.

And based on input from a good friend, Robert Frost is no longer referenced in the prologue. Lord willing that this is published, you will probably correctly guess what was going on there.

Two chapters finished today and I'm at the point I was aiming for! Think I'll celebrate by watching this week's new episode of Doctor Who.

EDIT 08:27 p.m. EST 09/28/2014:  For a few years now and especially since I began this project some friends have asked if I had ever done National Novel Writing Month in November.  I haven't yet.  And I'm going to be totally pooped after finishing this book up by the end of October (Lord willing).  But maybe next year?

Writing (TITLE REDACTED) has become a far more amazing experience than I could have possibly anticipated.  I don't know if I could have written a book until now.  Just the way that my own mind has worked against me for all this time.  It's like I'm being born again as a writer.  Entire new vistas are opening up for me and this project was the first real step toward reaching those.

I do not doubt that this will not be the last time that Robert Christopher Knight writes something this big.  National Novel Writing Month requires 50,000 words for a novel to qualify as being fulfilled.  Not everything has to be done within the month of November: you can take however long you need to in order to outline your story.  It's just the novel itself that has to be started and finished within those thirty days.  If I have an outline to work with, I'm confident that I could easily reach 50,000 and maybe even 60,000 words within that window.  And already I've a few ideas for stories.

NOT this year though, LOL!  I'm not Stephen King after all.  Then again I'm not George R.R. Martin either :-)

(Please Mr. Martin, don't hate me for saying that.  Or hate away and kill me in the next book.  I'd be down with that...)


Dan said...

Wow, most of my articles that I write for clients are only 500 words. 50,000 is wild~!