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Friday, October 24, 2014

So... you wanna watch Chris play the Doctor Who theme on his dulcimer?!?

Sure.  Why not...

I've mentioned a few times that ever since late spring I've been taking lessons on playing the mountain dulcimer.  So far I've notched up quite a repertoire but I'm still learning the real basic mechanics of what is truly a beautiful instrument.  Still, I've come a long way in a short amount of time :-)

Anyhoo, from the very beginning I've had in mind to play the Doctor Who theme on dulcimer.  It's something that I've played around with for awhile now and... well, I think that I've got it.  Just needs a little more finesse, is all.  Only tonight did I figure out the last half of the second strain of the theme.  When I get really good I'll string them all together nice and flowing.

Okay, so if you want to see and hear what I've done so far ummm... well I can't post it on YouTube at the moment 'cuz for some reason YouTube doesn't like it when I try to publish from my iPad.  But fear not!  I've uploaded the video onto Facebook and made it public so that anyone can watch it.

Just a work in progress.  Next time it's gonna be even better but I'm still rather proud of how it's turning out already :-)


Ben said...

It would benefit to have a harmony playing the background music while you focus on the melody because it's obvious you're trying to play both. Other than that this is a very good rendition of the Doctor Who theme. Keep working on it I'm looking forward to enjoying more of it.

Chris Knight said...

I've worked a little on the melody. Right now I'm figuring out how to really play the second strain. I've figured it out for the most part but I'm wondering if I should move it up an octave, if I should be playing it on different strings, a few other nuances.

Still, it's come a looooong way from when I started attempting to do Doctor Who back in July LOL :-) If I master this I'm going to give "I Am The Doctor" a try.

Chris Knight said...

And thanks!! :-)