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Sunday, February 01, 2015

Look at what I just found!

It's The Weird Spinning Head of Chris Knight!

That's from 1998.  It was on my personal websites for a long time. "Weird" Ed helped me make it: he snapped the photos with a film camera while I sat in his office chair and rotated around to get the various angles. Then after getting the pics developed I scanned 'em and then put them together with GIF Construction Set.

sigh...  Those were the days.

Have spent most of the day working on my book.  Chapter 23 took several huge steps forward this evening.  I wound up taking a break and came across that GIF.  Was bored and figured I'd post it for a few cheap laughs :-P


Anonymous said...

Hey I remember that! Didn't you call it "Virtual Surreality" or something like that? -- Chad

Chris Knight said...

"Chris Knight's Virtual Surreality", yup that was my homepage! It was at one time also called "Chris Knight's Carnival of Coolness" and "Chris Knight's Eclectic Emporium" :-)