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Sunday, March 08, 2015

The astounding eye-popping artwork of Cameron Hobbs

What's Your Mindset? by Cameron Hobbs, 2015

This is someone to keep an eye out for, because he's going to go far. Way, way far.  Cameron Hobbs is the son of a dear friend.  A little over two years ago she began posting some of Cameron's art on her Facebook page.  It was... well, a lot better than most kids at the age of 12 can do, that's for sure.  Not long after Cameron created a page devoted to his work.

I've been following his progress ever since.  And it has been nothing less than an absolute marvel to watch this young man grow and develop into an amazing artist.  His forte is comic book art, but as you can see from What's Your Mindset? above, his skill and imagination make him a force to be reckoned with across a myriad of genres.

It really would not be surprising to see Cameron working on a best-selling comic book/graphic novel in the next ten years.  And quite possibly much more than that.

Want to see more of Cameron's portfolio?  He's got a virtual gallery on Facebook.  And also be sure to check out the original Superhero Art to see what else he's been working on.  Who knows: you too might be wanting a print to hang on your own wall!


Anonymous said...

Chris, shame on you. You don't put the title of fine art in quote marks. You're supposed to italicize them!

As a writer by trade you should know better ;)

Chris Knight said...


You got me dead to rights. It SHOULD be italicized! I shall fix that right now. And thanks! :-)