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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

THE STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL aired 37 years ago tonight

It was on this night in 1978 that The Star Wars Holiday Special - arguably the WORST two-hours of television in history - aired on CBS.

Y'all won't buh-LEEEVE what is going on here.

So in honor of this misauspicious occasion and thanks to some poor tortured soul on YouTube, here it is (absent some music for copyright purposes):

It's all here: Chewbacca's son Lumpy, Mark Hamill's make-up overkill, Princess Leia's singing, Boba Fett's first-ever appearance (the special's one redeeming feature), Harvey Korman, Bea Arthur (?!), lots of unused B footage from A New Hope, what can only be described as a porno machine... and about twenty-seven minutes of incomprehensible Wookiee grunting.

One viewing and you'll see why George Lucas has said he would take a sledgehammer to every copy if he could.  But what about you?  Can you endure to the end?


Berthold Gambrel said...

Awful, awful show. But strangely hilarious all the same.

Glad to see you posting again, though.

Thespia said...

Sometimes as actors we have to do awful...just AWFUL things because it puts oatmeal on the table. (Oatmeal is what I lived off of when I literally had no place to go for a while) :)

I'm sure these actors look back and just cringe!

Funny all the same!

Unknown said...

My boyfriend projects a loop of this onto his front window as part of his Star Wars Christmas display he puts up every year. His neighbors get to see him from dusk till midnight EVERY NIGHT from Thanksgiving to New Years.