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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The video that brought cops to my house

I just figured out that I can embed videos from Facebook onto this blog!

Which may or may not be a good thing.  Considering the videos I've been making for my Facebook audience of late (yes, Yours Truly has been busy even if it didn't reflect on this site).

Okay well, here's the one that got EVERYONE talking.  I've mentioned before how the mayor and city council of my old hometown of Reidsville, without real due process, removed a hundred-year old Civil War monument and in its place put up a $30,000 monstrosity straight out of a Hellraiser movie.

I finally saw it with my own eyes about two months ago.  And, well... I kinda went mad with power and my new iPad Pro:


I put that on Facebook and the views came like crazy!

Then the next morning, two Reidsville Police officers arrived at my front door.  Mind ya, I was living fifteen minutes away from the city limits, but they still came.  Apparently some idiot had seen the clip and gone Homeland Security about it and notified the authorities.  The cops and I had a nice conversation for about twenty minutes or so.  They told me that they could tell it was just someone having fun, especially since they could just look out their window and see the statue was still intact, "but in this day and time we have to investigate."  They made it absolutely clear that I had done nothing wrong, and didn't give me a warning or anything like that.  They seemed pretty entertained by it.

But y'all wouldn't believe how many people around Reidsville have told me that they REALLY got a thrill out of watching that abomination getting blasted to smithereens.  Methinks the "monument" is far less popular than the town father's would like to admit.

More videos soon.


Anonymous said...

Chris you're an out of control maniac!!! But at least you're writing again. And having lots of fun roaming the land. Good luck and welcome back :)

Anonymous said...

That was awesome! Nicely done

Thespia said...

That is so good. And that's what it deserves. We can just erase history now. NO biggie, right? 300,000 people died for nothing. It's offensive.

Unknown said...

I should have went straight to your blog for this. I've been looking all over YouTube for this video. I need it to make a point. Gracias Amigo!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure if someone made a video doing that to your home, you'd be very pleased and not inquire further.