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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

For those who are graduating...

This is the season for graduations. For some it has already happened and for a few it's still in the next week or so. And I know that countless commencement speeches have been given already and better minds than mine have had reams of wisdom to impart. Even so...
Earlier this month someone who has become a very special person in my life graduated from college. Someone who God blessed with an abundance of intellect, talent, and beauty. She is graced with more faith than most, including I. And her parents and family and friends are very proud of her. For the first time in my life I sent a graduation card and, ummmm... guess I didn't know what quite WHAT to say! But I gave it a try.
Maybe these words will be of some use to others who are also walking up to get their diplomas. So here is what little I have to share to them:
- Take the high road. No matter how much the world or your friends or even family insist that you stay safe.
- Never compromise on your convictions.
- Know what you believe, but also know why you believe it.
- Think for yourself, because there is always someone who will try to think for you.
- Always try with your best, but do not be afraid to fail.
- Humbleness is always greater than pride.
- Be kind. But also know how to love even when it hurts.
- Never stop learning. When you stop learning, you stop living.
- Laugh hard. Run fast. Love, always.