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Saturday, June 02, 2018

New SATURDAY NIGHT MASSACRES: Keyser Soze versus Sherlock!

The previous Saturday Nights Massacre has just ended.  With 83% of the vote Han Solo has hyperspace away with the Coors beer against Peter Quill's 17%.

And now, for the next matchup:
New Scotland Yard had been rocked. Not even MI-6 knew who he was except vague rumors from the usual suspects. About possibly being Turkish, maybe German. The explosion on the Thames portended schemes of a sinister genius more formidable than Moriarty or Magnussen. As Mycroft rushes into Speedy's Cafe (stopping only to hold the door open for a man limping onto the London streets) he spots his brother eating a sandwich. Informed on the situation the dark-haired man in the woolen cape coat smiles. There is a gleam in his eye. And the game begins...

That's right: it's Keyser Soze versus Sherlock (from the BBC series).  It is a clash of the intellects like nothing before.  Voting is now open for two weeks until June 16.  Who will triumph in this battle for the soul of the good people of London?  YOU WILL DECIDE!  Cast your vote and may the best mastermind win.


Peter X said...

Chris are you kidding us!?

Your setting guaranteed that Sherlock wins this. Sherlock smiled and instantly told Mycroft to arrest the man who just left Speedy's. Out on the Baker Street sidewalk there are no bulletin boards to concoct a story from. Keyser gets apprehended. And so does Kevin Spacey. Its a double victory for Sherlock :D

Chris Knight said...

Okay, that comment made me almost spew Dr. Pepper onto my iPad. I still must defer to those who are voting as reflected in the final tally. For all we know that could have been Kobayashi pretending to be Kevin pretending to be Keyser pretending to be Kint.

See? It's not over yet :-P