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Friday, July 13, 2018

World Premiere: "Snoke Is Just A Gigolo"

It's Supreme Leader Snoke set to "Just A Gigolo" by David Lee Roth! You'll never look at your Star Wars action figures the same way again...

The idea has been accreting throughout my neurons since at least April. Guess I had no choice but to do something about it. Made on my iPad Pro, took about 11 hours not counting breaks for dinner and playing with Tammy the Pup. Finished just before 4 this morning.

Dear Dave and Disney: please don't sue me!!!!!


3M said...

This. Is. Awesomesauce!!!!!!!!!!!!

Star Wars meeting best rock video of the 80s. You are a genius sir.

**slow clap**

Anonymous said...

Chris put down the iPad, you're sober again. J/K. Good work!

Solomon Grundy of the Great Dismal Swamp

ps, thanks for coming back to blogging, you were missed.