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Saturday, February 01, 2020

Today's Google Doodle is one I can respect

Some of Google’s ”doodles” either fly over my head or make me cringe in disbelief.  A lot of them are about historical events and people that at best are extremely obscure or else make me wonder "What the hell are they smoking over there?"

But the one they have for today is as good as it gets and I recognized it immediately.  Give credit where credit is due: Google was really thoughtful about this one and how to convey it:

A depiction of the four North Carolina A&T students who sat down at the segregated lunch counter at the Woolworth’s in Greensboro (the big city near where I’m from). That was sixty years ago today.

 This is how to SERIOUSLY protest a wrong. Peacefully and respectfully. Nobody was hurt, nobody was insulted, nobody was arrested because of violent behavior. These young men simply went in, sat at a whites-only lunch counter, and politely asked for service. They were denied.  So they just went back the next day and asked for lunch again.  And again.  And again.

The word spread, there were other such protests and it wasn't long before Woolworth’s ended its segregation policies. Other businesses soon followed.

We could learn a lot from the Greensboro Four, even still today.  Come to think of it, especially today.

\Well done Google, well done.


BingoBoingo said...

Well it's one of two effective ways. If the other side is a danger rather than a mere nuisance, burning everything down is perfectly ethical.

Unknown said...

I saw your comments about Johnny Robertson on various posts. Wow,we have come to the same conclusions. He continues to be a public nucence and when I chalenged his son? Mica on cable 18 phone call in show,Johnny called in and threatened to put my picture and name on Whats the bible say show( as if that that would intimidate me lol) I will no longer waste any energy on that nut job , thanks!!!!

Chris Knight said...

Johnny Robertson? That loon is still at it?