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Saturday, June 27, 2020

It's June 27th! Time to play... THE LOTTERY

The classic 1969 short film adaptation of Shirley Jackson's eternally controversial horror tale:

For a film now over fifty years old it holds up exceptionally well.  I think every college freshman English class in America shows this to its students.  Sharp-eyed viewers will spot a very young Ed Begley Jr. in this.


Preston said...

I watched that in honors English in high school. The next year we watched Roman Polansky's version of Macbeth. I think our teachers were hellbent on traumatizing us as hard as they could.

Chris Knight said...

We read ”The Lottery” during my first spring semester of college. The instructor - a very interesting fellow who was fond of suspenders and was fiercely proud to have hailed from Pittsburgh - showed us this film afterward. I think the general mood of the classroom was ”what the hell did we just see?!?” No wonder that Jackson received so much mail after the story was published in The New Yorker.