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Saturday, December 19, 2020

New article at American Thinker: respect for a fraudulent president

American Thinker this morning published my latest article.  "Must We Respect a Fraudulent President" says what it means and means what it says: in light of the significant amount of evidence that chicanery most foul took place during the November 3rd election, how can anyone in Joseph Biden's position claim to have a mandate to be the leader of the free world?

Here's a clip:

The matter of unjust measures is brought up at least nine times in the Old Testament. “Divers weights are an abomination unto the Lord; and a false balance is not good,” reads Proverbs 20:23. Absent reverence for holy writings, it still is to be noted: the ballot box is sacred. To violate it is to breach the contract that countless Americans have fought and suffered and died for.

And so circumstance not seen for a century and more has come about. We are faced with someone who will be sworn in as President of the United States… but has not earned true authority.

As always, this blog and its eccentric master welcomes any and all newcomers.  And thank you for choosing to read my humble essay.  It means a lot to me :-)


JeffYK said...

A good piece Christopher. No, we can not and will not respect Biden if he is inaugurated. I'm still praying that something comes up soon to invalidate the electoral votes from the contested states, send the election to the House. Biden as president will turn America into a joke. If we respet him it makes us aiding and abetting the joke. Like you said, as Christians it would be disobedence to God to respect authority not really there.

Sharon said...

Thank you for that article. Theologically sound and laying line-upon-line of reasoning. It all "made perfect sense" to me, as I read through it - but I will acknowledge I didn't see the final point coming! (....about disrespecting what God has set forth if we fall into the trap of feeling compelled to respect Biden, if he is installed).

So well done. Thank you very much!

I will be sending a link for it to several family members.

Jake said...

I think that if there was no question about Biden winning, you would accept him as president. But there is considerable question now. We are right to ask if he has our loyalty. Like you (probably) are I was not looking forward to him winning but he would be President and there it would be. I wish he could have that support. But that doesn't seem possible now.

Chris Knight said...

Actually, I didn't vote for either Trump or Biden.

Since running for office in 2006 I've made a vow: never vote for a candidate who runs a negative ad - not even ONE - against an opposing candidate. I made three commercials during my run, and none of them were negative. I discovered that when you keep things positive, you tap into much more creativity. That and because a negative ad only really tells me how much that candidate wants the position for the power, not necessarily for the *service*.

So I didn't vote for Trump. Even though I believe he has done much good during his time. Not everything good, but he's done enough to merit my appreciation.

Biden? Had he been elected honest and fairly - something I have come to believe did not happen - I would have supported him wholeheartedly. He may stand for things that I do not but he would have been president for the next four years, the best thing to do would be to pray he had wisdom for the task at hand. I would give him the same chance that I gave Trump, up until if and when he messed up (I did the same with Obama... though he REALLY messed up).

Bottom line: I do not vote for the party. I do not vote on the basis of "cult of personality". And I do not vote for anyone who goes into negative ad territory. No offense, but that's a line I can no longer cross.