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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Joseph Biden's accomplishments during his first three days of office

Let future historians note that within 72 hours of his inauguration as President of the United States, Joseph Biden has:

- Severely raised the price of insulin by rescinding directives of Donald Trump to the Department of Health and Human Services
- Deployed more military forces to Iraq
- Deployed more military forces to Syria
- Eliminated some 70,000 private sector jobs
- Cancelled permits for the Keystone XL pipeline that would have employed thousands
- Broke his promise about fracking made during his campaign for president
- Signed executive orders which will make the United States no longer a net energy exporter and will instead place the country back to relying on foreign oil.
- Eliminated women’s sports...
-  ...and by the same stroke of a pen allowed grown men into high school girls' locker rooms
- Mandated the wear of mask at any federal facility... but he and his family violated that order several times following his inauguration
- Gave access to our power grids back to China
- Admitted he did not have a COVID plan
- Stopped the border wall construction
- Rejoined the Paris Accord that subjects the United States to enormous penalties while letting true polluters of the environment - such as communist China - go unpunished
- Made the National Guard brought in for the inauguration sleep in a freezing parking garage
- Allowed Red China to violate Taiwan's airspace with military aircraft and naval vessels raising tensions in the Far East.
- Restarted payments of American tax payer dollars to the World Health Organization
- Witnessed the return of terrorism from ISIS
- Directed a supplementing of our fuels needs from Russia and Venezuela
- Lifted travel ban into the United States on countries most harboring terrorists
- Ordered the immediate release of violent criminals from Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody.

The preceding list was found on another forum, edited for some clarity.  Most of this I already knew while other things, like Biden's ordering the emptying of ICE facilities, happened just today.

In addition, the price of gasoline is set to soar following not only the Keystone line's cancellation but also Biden's plan to drastically increase federal gas taxes and maybe even a mad scheme to tax per mile traveled.

And for sake of any historians in years to come who may find these words and wonder about the mood of the moment:

There is no real prevailing sense among the people of America that there is sitting right now a President of the United States.  Many if not most people in this moment believe that Joseph Biden was not legitimately elected but instead came to power as a result of voting fraud.  I say "most" whether some of those will admit to it or not.  There is something very wrong with America right now, and we all know it.

The list I provided is just for the first three days since Biden was sworn in.  It does not inspire much confidence for the next four years.


Huey said...

Chris, Biden's EO affecting insulin is also making EpiPen much more expensive.

Chris Knight said...

Biden is fast on course to be the most disastrous presidency of any recent memory. Maybe even of any living memory.

I desperately want to find something in the man to give wholehearted support behind, as I have tried to do with every president coming into office. But he has practically wiped that out less than three full days after his inauguration.

The EpiPen thing is going to hurt a lot of people who need it.

Anonymous said...

Not my president.

SDJ said...

I have a friend who keeps EpiPen with her in case of food allergy. They don't last forever. They need replacing every so often. They're already expensive. It's about to become worse.

Chris Knight said...

I've been posting the thing about the insulin/EpiPen around and as of this moment NOBODY has stepped forward with a defense of what Biden has done in this regard.

I'm not seeing a defense mounted in regard to anything else on this list either.

Kinda dovetails with what I'm hearing on the street: that there is MASSIVE "buyer's remorse" about Biden. Some pipeline workers and their families are in deep shock over his ending the Keystone XL project, effectively putting them in the unemployment line. I saw a tractor trailer this afternoon, scrawled on the tailgate was "PROTECT WOMENS SPORTS NO BIOLOGICAL MALES".

There is no "unity" out there, no matter how much it's being screamed about.

Anonymous said...


Yahoo News
Polls find Biden's approval rating higher than Trump's ever was
David Knowles
David Knowles·Editor
Tue, January 26, 2021, 2:41 PM
President Biden’s approval rating in his first days in office is higher than Donald Trump ever achieved during his four years as president, two new polls have found.

A Morning Consult tracking poll published Monday found that 56 percent of voters approve of Biden’s job performance, while 34 percent disapprove. At the same early juncture of Trump’s presidency, 46 percent of Americans polled said they approved of his job performance, and the polling high point for his term in office came in March 2017, when his approval rating hit 52 percent.

A second poll, conducted by Hill-HarrisX and also released on Monday, put Biden’s approval rating at 63 percent, while 37 percent said they disapprove of the job he was doing so far. Trump, by contrast, reached an approval rating high of 52 percent in an April 2020 survey by the same pollster.

Anonymous said...

https://www.nachc.org/president-biden-freezes-insulin-epipens-regulation-harmful-to-community-health-centers-and-patients/ President Biden has frozen a Trump-era regulation that would adversely impact Community Health Centers and the nearly 30 million patients they serve – a majority of whom are living in poverty or are uninsured. The regulation, which was based on an Executive Order issued last July, was based on a fundamental misunderstanding that would have imposed extensive administrative burdens and targeted EpiPens and insulin dispensed by health centers and purchased under the federal 340B drug discount program. The stated aim was to cut drug prices. However, it triggered alarm among safety-net health care providers and bipartisan lawmakers because it would accomplish the opposite of what the Trump Administration intended — ultimately making it harder for health centers to provide affordable life-saving services and prescription drugs — especially during the pandemic. To be clear, the insulin and Epipen regulation that was frozen by the Biden Administration only affects medications purchased through the 340B drug discount program at health centers. The overall prices of insulin and Epipens across the country are not affected by the Trump Administration regulation or the recent action by the Biden Administration.

SDJ said...

In office less than 6 days and polling higher than any president in history. Give that man a Nobel prize. /sarcasm

Solomon Grundy said...

Have you noticed, Chris, we aren't seeing any liberals gloating about Biden's accomplishments? Even they know he's a failure.

Anonymous said...

Biden hasn't done anything but sign a bunch of EOs.