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Monday, July 25, 2022

"Slouching Towards Fantasyland": My new article at American Thinker

American Thinker, a site I often go to for insight and commentary, this morning published my latest piece for them.  This essay addresses the leftist fantasies about so-called "green energy" and eliminating emissions.

From the article:

And then there are other considerations about the fallout from the failed fantasy.  Which would you rather have in an emergency, say, evacuating from a hurricane: a reliable car running on gasoline, or an electric vehicle without a ready charge available?  The potential loss of life from people unable to drive to safer ground would be enormous.  Or consider an electric-powered ambulance, that runs out of juice en route to the hospital with a stroke victim.

These are the realities that leftists are not acknowledging.  They refuse to accept that energy comes from something other than unicorn flatulence.  They are instead proverbially sticking their fingers in their ears while singing “La-La-La-Dee-Dah” when anyone broaches the impracticality of their intent.

Click here for the rest of the article.  And thank you to everyone who has written me e-mail about it!


SGotGDS said...

Solid piece Chris. Well written. Now watch for fertilizer in the US become illegal. It's a "climate emergency" doncha know? Biden will have the right words whispered into his ear and he'll sign an executive order outlawing fertilizer. You heard it from me first!

Chris Knight said...

Thank you good sir! And I don't doubt that it's coming. We have a president unhinged from the realities of constitutional rule of law. Be assured that whatever he does, will be applauded and supported by the "mainstream" press. He'll slash fertilizer consumption and have us feeding human fecal matter to our tomato plants. The Japanese did that following World War II and it didn't end well.

Anonymous said...

Another good article. I would also mention the energy and resources expended in building the EV batteries, little of which can be recycled. And those giant windmill blades made of fiberglass that cannot be recylced either.