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Tuesday, July 11, 2023

I've waited 32 years for this day

I should probably preface what you're about to see with something.  For the past few months, well...

There's really no other way to put it: I've lost my interest in Star Wars.

I can't finger any one particular reason why.  But what Disney has done with the franchise, what Disney has done period, is a major factor in that.  I find myself no longer able to support a company that apparently no longer desires me or my hard-earned cash.  It's much worse than that even: Disney is now trying to rewrite and redefine history so as to advance an extreme leftist agenda.

How do I in good conscience, as a citizen and as a Christian, find myself able to support that?  I can't.

Which makes what I'm about to post seem direly hypocritical.  But I think that this once, the good memories can take priority.  I mean, I have spent almost two-thirds of my life waiting to see this.

Disney's upcoming Star Wars series Ahsoka dropped a new trailer today, and for a few fleeting seconds in it we get our first look at how Grand Admiral Thrawn appears in live-action.  Thrawn first appeared in Timothy Zahn's 1991 novel Heir to the Empire.  Thrawn became such a respected character that he was one of the few elements to be adapted from the "Expanded Universe" and into the current Star Wars canon.  He has probably become even more popular as a result.

So how does Thrawn come across in our first live-action glimpse of him?

Pretty darn close to what I've always imagined he would look:

That's Lars Mikkelsen in the role.  Mikkelsen previously voiced Thrawn in the animated Rebels series.  I'd say he seems to be projecting the gravitas and dignity (for a major villain) that the Thrawn of the books has always presented.  I could accept this as being Grand Admiral Thrawn, if I ever find that I'm getting my love for the saga back.

Well, like I said, I've waited a very long time for this day to come.  And to be honest I had come to believe it would never happen.  But it has.  It's enough to pique my curiosity, at least.


Bronsky said...

I'm one of those who thought Benedict Cumberbatch was going to be Thrawn since he's already bound to Disney. Mikkelsen is closer to what I imagined he might look like, going all the way back to Heir To The Empire too Chris. Keep you head up about Disney. They are losing cargo containers of money and it's just going to get worse for them. Maybe sooner as opposed to later they'll clean house and Star Wars can be pure again.

Chris Knight said...

Bronsky, I hope so. If the Lord might let me yet have children, Star Wars is something I've always wanted to share with them. But Disney has become such a gateway of iniquity in the past few years, and it's not seeming to get any better.

How any company can keep losing tons of money and still pay its head honcho $45 million a year, is beyond me.