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Wednesday, August 02, 2023

All that I will likely say about former President Donald Trump being indicted


Kindly allow me to boil down certain recent events into something that can be readily grasped. And I say this as someone who has never voted for Trump and likely never will.

The people applauding former President Donald Trump's indictments don't know what the (BLEEP) they are cheering for.
The United States is entering a dark place. We have already been poised to cross that line for a very long time. Now it is barreling headlong into the cave.
America is headed for grief.
And idiots are clapping and howling in delight as we do.
This is about larger matters than "we gotta get Trump". But the ones screaming loudest probably don't want to be bothered to be concerned for that.  What is befalling the former president right now is not the disease itself, but a symptom.  And I would be saying that regardless of who is being targeted.
I'm writing this, as I often do write, because I want nothing to do with what's to come. I've done my part and am still doing my part to encourage people to turn aside from their foolishness.  I saw what's coming even as a teenager and for more than thirty years, I've tried to get people to think about the disaster that will befall us.  Many of them haven't thought about it at all.
What is to transpire is not on my hands, but theirs.
Just my .02



Anonymous said...

I believe you are right. We've been living on borrowed time and money neither which we have. America is going to crash facefirst into the ground of history and it will be God's mercy if anyone survives.

Thank you for sounding the warning though, Christopher. You may not see it but you are keeping your blog like a lighthouse in the fog. Lighting the way for others. God's peace be upon you friend.