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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Germany 1943 or America 2023?

Found something last night while doing historical research.  It absolutely floored me to read this passage.  It could be referring to the America of today:


Sophie Scholl, her brother Hans, and their friend and collaborator Christoph Probst wrote six leaflets in defiance of their government.  The three members of the "White Rose" were caught in February 1943 in Munich, Germany.  Four days later they were put on trial for crimes against the state.  It was a show trial, led by the infamous Nazi judge Roland Freisler.  

The three were declared guilty.  A few hours later the Scholls and Probst were executed by guillotine.

Sophie Scholl was twenty-one years old.

"History doesn't repeat but it often rhymes." ~ George Lucas


Cass said...

As scripture tells us: there is nothing new under the sun. Man's nature without God is predictable as it is fallen. Personally I believe we are headed into very dark times that will make even Nazism look small.

God bless Sophie, Hans and Christoph!