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Thursday, August 17, 2023

I have a LinkedIn page?!?

Actually I've had it for a very long time now (I think 2006).  I just haven't done anything with it until this week...

Some friends suggested that I "increase marketability".  So I'm putting myself out there in a way I might have not done before.  In assembling this I've become a bit astounded at all the experiences that have been racked up over the past decade or two.  In spite of having manic depression - or maybe because of it - I've wound up with a pretty impressive skills-set and collaborative history.  I also uploaded and included a portfolio of some of my video work, bits of which have never been seen by a wide audience until now (I'm particularly fond of the "Wacky Dead" clip).

Anyway, if you want to see the professional side of me, here's my LinkedIn page.




Matthew said...

I watched your portfolio video. Have you thought about becoming a journalist either online or even broadcasting? You have a good eye and voice for that type of work.

Chris Knight said...

Dear Matthew,

Here is what happened when I visited a marijuana shop in Colorado. You may have to be logged into Facebook to see this:

Chris Visits A Medical Marijuana Shop (Facebook Live video)

Solomon Grudy Of The Great Dismal Swamp said...

Chris oh man you KILLED that! I couldnt stop laughing at you in that weed store. You deserve to be on TV news man. Great journalism!

Chris Knight said...

LOL! Thanks :-) My dog and I left Albuquerque earlier that morning, went north to Taos and hung around there for awhile. Then I saw that we weren't too far from Colorado and one of the things I wanted to do was take Tammy to as many states as we could find. Found a town on the north side of the border and we went a little in there. Then on our way out I spotted the marijuana store. I told Tammy that I just *had* to see this. I went inside and asked if I could do a Facebook Live video feed and they said absolutely. Little did I know that a BUNCH of my friends in law enforcement were watching it unfold as it happened. What I'll especially remember is that long sleeve shirt I wore, and hope impregnated it got with the smell of marijuana. It was a FOUR HOUR drive back to Albuquerque and I had the aroma of weed in my nostrils the entire time. It got onto Tammy too. As soon as we got back to the room I gave Tammy a bath, then I took a long hot shower. No way were we going to bed with that stink on us! But it was an experience worth having. I can now say that I've been to a marijuana store (and NO, I did NOT buy anything! :-P )

Bronsky said...

Some TV network should give you a fat contract to be a reporter for them. That marijuana shop report is journalism _gold_.