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Monday, August 07, 2023

Product Review: Zevo Flying Insect Trap

In keeping with this blogger's enjoyment of finding and sharing good stuff, I'm going to do a review of something that I came across lately.  And so far I'm mighty impressed with it.

I don't know where they came from, maybe on some vegetation that I got from the grocery store, but this summer has been absolutely wretched from gnats and fruit flies.  They've been getting all over the house, and I've had to swat them away from my computer screen Lord only knows how often.  Just a real nuisance.

So I was watching television a few weeks ago and caught some commercials for the Zevo flying insect trap.  According to the ads it uses ultraviolet and infrared light to draw in bugs and making them fall prey to the adhesive cartridge within.  You just slap a cartridge into the unit and plug it into a wall outlet, in your kitchen or wherever.

I decided it was worth a gamble.  Off to Walmart I went, and got a starter set with 2 traps and 4 cartridges.  When I got home I read the directions and within two minutes had a trap set up in the kitchen and the other in my living room.

The results?

The Zevo traps began catching gnats and fruit flies almost immediately.  A few hours later I checked the traps and was astounded at how many tiny bugs each of them had dispatched to the nether regions.  That was six days ago.  I looked into the traps again in the past little while and the traps have caught even more.  There is a drastic and very obvious reduction of tiny critters zooming around the place.  I think my dog Tammy has even noticed.

I am very much convinced about the effectiveness of Zevo's little gadget.  It is definitely working as advertised.  I'll heartily recommend it to this blog's readers.  In fact, you might want to consider getting an extra starter set, and provide more coverage for your home. It is also, I have discovered, a very helpful nightlight that nicely illuminates your path to the kitchen if you're ever wanting to raid the fridge at 1 in the morning.

The Zevo flying insect trap is sold at Walmart and I'm sure at other retail stores, and it's on Amazon also.  You've got some options about which traps to get.  Which ever one you choose, I will attest that it is well worth the cost.