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Thursday, October 05, 2023

One day, this will be mine (I hope!)

See this?  It's an enlargement.  The originals are about the size of modern printed currency...


I first saw this at a Boy Scout camporee in September of 1985.  I was a brand new full Boy Scout.  They were handing out life-size copies of this: A ten shilling note used during the Siege of Mafeking during the Boer War in South Africa.

It dates back to 1900.  Colonel Robert Baden-Powell, who later started the entire Scouting movement, had these printed up and used in place of scarce real currency.  After the siege was lifted and true money started flowing again these were redeemable for actual ten shilling coins.

My friend and grandfather figure Doc Lewis told me about all that.  The “shillings” they were handing out during the camping event were copies of an actual siege note that our local Boy Scout council had in its possession.

I’ve been fascinated by this note ever since.  So much so that I resolved to someday own a real one.  It’s still a dream of mine.

I found some really good pics of Mafeking siege notes and then printed this one out.

It’s been on the wall next to my computer desk I’m writing this from for awhile now.  It’s become a source of inspiration for me. Baden-Powell held out in Mafeking for 217 days until relief finally arrived.

If he could do that with limited supplies, maybe I can hold out a little while longer for whatever God may have for me.  I hope so.

And hey, how many currencies in world history have soldiers manning cannons and machine guns printed on them?  That alone makes this note pretty cool!

If I ever can finish and sell my book, I’m going to buy a real ten shilling note from the Mafeking siege and frame it and put it on my living room wall.

I think that would be pretty neat.


Solomon Grundy said...

Wow, I hope you get to have one someday. Thats a pretty interesting thing to want and rightfully so! :D

KyleS said...

I had to find out about this, it looks so cool. Did you know that it was printed from a woodcut made with a croquet mallet? I guess during a siege you have to use whatever is available. I'm with Solomon, hope you get to own one of these. Just hurry up with your book, a lot of us want to read that!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris there's one on eBay right now. It's located in Australia. $500 American and it can be yours. Here's the link to the page it's on.

Friend from Elon

Thespia said...

Sometimes we just have to hold on one more hour...or even one more minute. That's how I've gotten through the tough stuff in my life.