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Wednesday, December 06, 2023

Testing for un-named weekly series

It was my friend Matt Smith who first encouraged me to start a weekly video series like his own Sunday school videos.  He suggested some equipment and I've been playing around with shooting footage with my iPad Pro.  Today I tried it again, this time with a wireless lavalier microphone.

This is still VERY rough, but I thought it could be shared with y'all.  Few things from making this: the mic should be further up my shirt (crossing my arms in this muffled the sound).  And this show is in dire need of a name.  Maybe y'all can suggest one.

Anyhoo, here it is!


Solomon Grundy said...

Now this is a show I would watch! Tips: wear the mic under your shirt up against your heart. Zoom in closer. Invest in a light to better illuminate your set. Just a few ideas to make it even better. Eager to see where this goes!