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Saturday, June 29, 2024

Maybe the very last post about Star Wars that I ever make

To: Star Wars producers and fandom

Re: The Acolyte and social media insanity

I can't even anymore.  I feel like I've officially become an old man who can't keep up with the youngsters.  I went through enough of this crap when I was one of the editors of TheForce.net during the prequel era.  God only knows what it would have been like if there had been Twitter and YouTube back in the day.  To paraphrase the final line of a famous movie: "Forget it Jake, it's Star Wars."  This entire drama along with The Acolyte itself has taken the wind out of my fanhood's sails, and my fanhood goes all the way back to the late Seventies.  I shall always treasure the good memories along with the various trophies I've accumulated along the way (signed copy of Heir to the Empire, my self-designed and constructed lightsaber, the Yoda puppet autographed by "Weird Al" Yankovic...) and I can watch the classic trilogy in their original form anytime on my VCR.  But this is it.  I've already been on the bad side of a few breakups.  Now I'm finally finding out what it is to be the one who picks up and leaves behind something that won't get better.


Chris Knight said...

Done even THINK about asking me my thoughts on what's happened to Doctor Who.

Jeff y said...

Feeling the same way. Star Wars is dead and Disney killed it. Acolyte is lesbian slash fiction, not the mythology that Lucas created.

You might know already that last week was the 50th anniversary of Chinatown.

Stosh said...

Chris Knight abandoning Star Wars is this week's sign that Armageddon is near.

I seriously never thought it would come to this man.

Aaron (you know who I am :) said...

"Forget it Jake, it's Star Wars."

That said it all (your appreciation of good movies is duly noted)

An old friend said...

Now I'm depressed :(

You weren't just a great fan Chris. You were the best.

Chris Knight said...

A dear friend told me a few days ago that I can always go back to the original movies and love them for the joy they brought me, and she is right. There is no reason why those can't stay dear to me along with all the memories of the toys, the costumes, going to the Star Wars Celebrations, making a fan film... so much else that shouldn't be taken away. I just hate what has come to this saga that I've loved all my life. It didn't used to be this way. Star Wars was something that UNITED us. It was a common ground that cut across backgrounds, politics, even religious persuasions. Disney has destroyed that. It may be the very worst thing to have happened to modern pop culture. I don't know if it's something that can ever be regained. Or maybe I really am too mature now for this supposed "new wisdom" that is really foolishness. I am taking down the "Star Wars shrine" in my living room, and packing almost all of it up, but I'm going to put the Blu-rays in with the rest of my movie collection. I can remain that much of a fan, at least. But my enthusiasm has been grievously wounded. And it absolutely breaks my heart. I still pray to be a father, however God might let that be. Star Wars is something I was looking forward to sharing with my children. And now that really won't be happening.

Thessaly said...

Elon Musk or Apple should make Disney a deal and buy Lucasfilm from them. Musk is again calling out Kathleen Kennedy. He should wheel and deal like he did with Twitter. Maybe even buy Disney all out.

Anonymous said...

Acolyte audience score on Rotten Tomatoes is 14%. Lowest for anything Star Wars ever including the holiday special.

Elvish Presley said...

Don't give up hope Chris. Disney can only go so far. It's losing money on DEI/woke agenda, of which Acolyte is the latest example. Someday after Kathleen Kennedy is finally gone and Disney comes to its senses it may revisit its earlier endeavors, like what happened to Star Wars. If so then Acolyte stands to be annihilated from "canon." If George Lucas could wipe out Han Solo shooting Greedo first and Disney itself ignores movies like Song of the South then anything is a potential victim of the chopping block. Don't throw away the items in your Star Wars shrine but keep them for the day when you might want to set it up again. We hate to see you losing your love of Star Wars and I hope it won't be gone forever.