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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bartertown? Rockingham County to mine landfill for methane to boost economy

It was reported earlier this week that officials here in Rockingham County, North Carolina have begun looking at the county landfill off N.C. 704 as a rich source of high-quality methane. The plan is to harvest the gas and use it for artistic uses - such as blacksmithing - and even for commercial purposes... such as "creating electricity". All of this is supposed to help boost the local economy.

Maybe we should turn control of Rockingham County over to this guy. He seems experienced...

"Who run Bartertown?"


Come to think of it, the way things are going lately it might not be a bad time to pop those Mad Max movies in the DVD player. Might be a good brush-up for how lousy things are getting.

I still can't believe they're doing this with the landfill though. I mean, with all the cows in Rockingham County, that seems to be a more cost-effective source of retrievable methane, if they're hellbent on using the stuff.


Unknown said...

Actually using Methane from landfills is not a bad thing. Take it from a person with a BS in chemistry and environmental science, and works for a state environmental agency. Its actually a very good thing. Methane is a VOC that in a landfill maybe a waste gas, but it can be put to good use. It burns fairly cleanly. It could be an alternative source of energy. Better than using coal that produces a lot more pollutants when it is burned. Plus its better to burn the Methane and use it than to just let it escape to the atmosphere and increase our global warming. So don't count it out just because some movie used it as a plot point without having all the facts. We need all the creative solutions we can get.

Anonymous said...

Master Blaster run blacksmithing in Bartertown.

Blacksmithing was no doubt very important in Bartertown, but not so much in Rockingham County.

An understanding of parody is more valuable than a BS in chemistry.

Anonymous said...

If the methane can be used for blacksmithing,it can be used for other things as well. Perhaps the artsy/craftsy folks just decided to make use of it first. And, perhaps other folks should take notice.

I just recently toured the BMW plant in South Carolina. 63% of the energy it uses comes from methane from a landfill.

Anonymous said...

You do realize no one is taking advantage of it right now, yes?

They're simply doing test drilling and some fool sugested using the methane, if its actually found in any quantity, for blacksmithing. And, apparently, the same fool, who is likely a Reidsville Review reporter, suggested that using the methane for blacksmithing will boost the local economy.

If blacksmithing and pottery kilns fail to boost our economy, maybe we can use the gas to attract a BIC Lighter factory.

Hey, chemistry girl, can methane be converted to butane?

Anonymous said...

Well, this place (and one other notable local wag) is mainly about bashing anything government does. It's an easy target and it's not like they actually check facts or anything. Satire is a great thing, I enjoy it immensely regardless of the target. However, if you want to be credible you need to stick to either parody or reporting. Switching back and forth to suit your whim is the easy way out. "Parse this as you will".

Chris Knight said...

This blog reflects something I learned a long time ago: that the best way to take this world seriously, is to not take it too seriously at all.

Anonymous said...

It's Jeff, Rockingham County's leading authority on social, political and media correctness.

He generates a considerable amount of methane himself. Somebody should stick a pipe up his rear.

You can ignore him, but he won't go away.

Anonymous said...

methane from a landfill is never just released into the atmosphere it is collected through a vaccuum system and burned in a flare regardless if it is used as energy or not so you might as well run it through a genset if your gonna burn it anyway and get the free energy ,a landfill by law isnt allowed to emit more than 1000 ppm into the air

Anonymous said...

it wont boost the economy bit it can be sold back to the electric company in the form of credits for the amout of electricity it produces on the grid