Sunday, December 06, 2009

Classic SESAME STREET: Ernie "helps" Bert give Baby Brad a bath

One of my fellow cast members of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever - namely Eric Smith, who portrayed Reverend Hopkins - told me during the show's run this past week that he loves it when I post vintage Sesame Street sketches and whatnot on this blog.

So Eric, this one's going out to you especially :-)

This is one of the few appearances of Bert's adorable baby nephew Brad, who is staying with his uncle and about to get a bath. Of course, Ernie has to show up and... well, be Ernie.

The results? Hilarity!

1 comment:

Eric H. Smith said...

AWESOME!!! Gotta have the ole Rubber Ducky. My brother is 40 years old and still has one in his shower.

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