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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Classic SESAME STREET: Ernie "helps" Bert give Baby Brad a bath

One of my fellow cast members of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever - namely Eric Smith, who portrayed Reverend Hopkins - told me during the show's run this past week that he loves it when I post vintage Sesame Street sketches and whatnot on this blog.

So Eric, this one's going out to you especially :-)

This is one of the few appearances of Bert's adorable baby nephew Brad, who is staying with his uncle and about to get a bath. Of course, Ernie has to show up and... well, be Ernie.

The results? Hilarity!


Eric H. Smith said...

AWESOME!!! Gotta have the ole Rubber Ducky. My brother is 40 years old and still has one in his shower.