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Sunday, December 06, 2009


Eight shows in four days.


This was my third productions with Theatre Guild of Rockingham County and I can see how it's true, that each show has its own vibe, dynamic, spirit, whatever that the cast and crew imbue it with. This one... was certainly unique in that right, but there was also something else at work that I'm at a loss to find words for. Our final show this afternoon once again played to a sold-out house and no doubt as with the rest, there were more than a few people in the audience that were brought to tears as much as they were laughing out loud.

Darn. I'm gonna miss doing this. Yeah, even the fireman's gear and heavy oxygen pack that I wore while running up the aisle and onto the stage :-)

But this might not be quite as final as we are usually conditioned to believe. There are whispers... whispers mind ya... that The Best Christmas Pageant Ever could be in production again and sooner rather than later. If that happens, I would gladly don the firefighter getup again... if only just to once again bellow out "HEEEELLLPPP!!!" at the top of my lungs :-)

To everyone who came and enjoyed our show: Thank you for your patronage! We are glad you got to see it :-)

And to everyone that I have worked with during the past seven weeks: I thank God for the opportunity to have collaborated with good friends once again, and to have met and made many new friendships along the way as well. Looking forward to doing another show with y'all ;-)


PapaBear007 said...

Dude when the girl playing Mary in the play realize the true meaning of christmas that brought tears to my eyes...And when they were talking about Mary and Joseph being refugees it really hit hard on my heart and my mind cleared and heard these things...It made me want to come again today if I wasn't working...it brought me the true meaning of christmas in retrospect...I would go see again to all showings if I could. You did a great job protraying a firefighter.