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Monday, October 18, 2004

GEORGE W. BUSH AND ME: My Anti-Dubya Story A Week Later

Seven days ago I posted The Night George W. Bush Ordered A Thug To Tell Me To "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!", my account of what happened at the Republican rally during the Presidential Debate at Wake Forest University in 2000. No need to recap all of that here: everyone is more than welcome to read it for themselves (though I had no idea until later just how long the thing was. My editor at our student newspaper in college was right: "Chris Knight you are a wordy wordy monkey" :-)

See that counter at the bottom of the page? Last Monday it was reading 420 hits since I installed it about four weeks ago. At this moment it's reading 1,703. The only bit of self-promotion that I openly did for it was a post to TheForce.net's message boards that same evening. Thirteen people finding it seemed realistic... but not thirteen-hundred people! In one week my lil' blog saw three times as many people who wound up here than all of the previous month put together.

Anyway, it was a conscious choice on my part to not post anything else for awhile, so that as many people as might find my account could do so. But I'm going to post on other things from here on out, although from now 'til November 2nd there'll also be a link to the original article at the top of each post - serious or otherwise - that I make. And to everyone who has already showed up to look at my blog: thank you! Seeing those counter numbers has really made my day :-)