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Friday, October 22, 2004

This guy has the #1 reason why a Christian like me should vote for Kerry...

...and that's to keep the Nazis from REALLY coming to power.

Carl Worden has a really good piece at The Sierra Times about why he's no longer affiliated with the Republican Party: because the fascists have taken over. Lest there be any question of his character...

I've been a registered Republican since I pulled my first lever in a voting booth, and I've voted as a loyal Republican for Republican candidates consistently every year. I am 55 years of age. I am considered a right-wing Christian conservative and strict constitutionist who knows the Framers of the Constitution expected strict adherence to that original document unless and until it is amended.

You don't get much more conservative and constitutionally-minded than I am, and that is why I just cast my Oregon vote-by-mail ballot for Democrat John Kerry as the next president of the United States. So did my wife -- and she's a very independent thinker. I know there are thousands of lifelong Republican/Independent conservatives who are going to do the same thing on November 2nd, because they've written and told me so.

The absolute last straw for me took place at the Bush rally, held in Central Point, Oregon on October 14th. President Bush stayed in Jacksonville, Oregon overnight after the rally, and protesters and police clashed on the streets. I sent out a photo of a Jackson County Sheriff's Deputy, all Nazi'd up in black leather riot control gear and grinning evilly as he shoved a woman holding her 5 year-old daughter. It wasn't the finest hour for local law enforcement, but even that wasn't the last straw for me. No, the last straw for me happened just before the Bush rally itself.

Slam here for the meat of the story.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Sierra Times - overflowing with integrity.

Anonymous said...

Carl F. Worden is a militia wacko.

Carl F. Worden wolfeyes00@earthlink.net
Liaison & Intelligence Officer
Southern Oregon Militia


Anonymous said...

Christopher, I thought you werent voting for Kerry. But you title of this post on your blog confuses me. Are you or are you not voting for Kerry?

Chris Knight said...

"Christopher, I thought you werent voting for Kerry. But you title of this post on your blog confuses me. Are you or are you not voting for Kerry?"

By that comment I mean that Worden offered up a very logical and compelling reason why a Christian in America might consider voting for Kerry.

5 days 'til Tuesday and I must admit, for the first time, that although I'm not completely sold on the prospect, there is a lot of good that would come from Kerry winning. For one thing, it would effectively stop the Republican Party in the Congress... which someone would have to be either completely blind or a blithering idiot to still believe that - apart from a few like Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo - that party is anything remotely conservative. The Republicans on Bush's watch have monstrosized the federal government more than Clinton EVER did. How can they possibly expect us to buy their claim that they're the party of less government intrusion after the past four years?