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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Karl Rove and Azzam the American: ONE AND THE SAME?!?

This has been bugging me ever since I first saw the pic of "Azzam the American" early yesterday evening. Look at this comparison photo: Bush campaign strategist Karl Rove on the left, and "Azzam the American" on the right:

Azzam seems to share a very similarly proportioned head with Rove. The position of the eyebrows and size of the nose almost seem identical. The right hands of each might be close in size to each other. The mass and angle of the shoulders... sheesh they look a lot alike. Also, note that Azzam is wearing glasses, and they look to be very much of the style that Rove is most seen wearing.

I took the photo of Azzam into Photoshop and played around with curve levels. I'm no photographic expert by any stretch, but I did get this "enhancement" if you want to call it that...

Is "Azzam the American" really Karl Rove? Who knows. But at the rate things are going in this election, with four days left I'll wager and RC Cola and a Moon Pie that this has yet to be the most outrageous thing we'll have seen before the end.

I gotta say this though: the "terrorist tape" doesn't sound authentic at all, no matter what anyone in the government is saying right now. This guy is totally lacking any real passion in his voice: he sounds like a walk-on audition for a dinner theater. His voice makes him sound as threatening as Steve Urkel. THIS is supposed to be scaring the juwillikers out of us? C'mon guys, I don't have the resources that the feds do but even with my meager means of giving this the hairy eyeball, this is either Karl Rove under a headdress, or some college kid who drew the short end of the stick from the fraternity hazing committee.


Anonymous said...

We have been discussing the same thing at Daily Kos!Take a look here: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2004/10/28/194743/41

Side by side photos make a compelling case this might be Karl Rove indeed....

Chris Knight said...

Whoa... so I'm NOT crazy for thinking that! And the pic on the thread over there makes Azzam look even more like Rover-boy in mufti. Also just noticed that the post on Kos and my own were made practically within minutes of each other... is there something at work in the wavelengths of the ether this morning?

In all dead-serious honesty, I didn't know if anyone else had noticed that. I even did a search for about an hour or so before going ahead and posting my entry. I just got up a little while ago and my lovely spousal overunit, wiping the sleep from her eyes as she gets ready to teach music at her elementary school... SHE thought they look alike too! BTW, I had to proportionally reduce the size of the images on the page: right-click in Mozilla or whatever and choose to "view image" to see the level-enhanced version in a larger size. Even looks like they slant their right eyes the same way... weird.

Anonymous said...

It's "me" again... I posted here last time as anonymous. Actually my name is "diplomat" over at DailyKos.

Guess what? The comparison is spreading around the blogosphere!

Now take a look at the huge speculation at DU (Democratic Underground now)


Chris Knight said...

Y'know, it's a sad day in America when our presidential election starts turning into something as fake as pro wrestling. Didn't the Fabulous Moolah do a stunt like this back in the '70s?

Anonymous said...

I'm actually surprised there isn't a pro wrestling character out there similar to this -- you know, an Arab in full head-dress that the bigoted public can cheer against to channel their repressed anger at "Middle Eastern terrorists" Where is Jesse Ventura when you need him? Oh yea, I hear he's voting Kerry--so he must be a terrorist!! (just a joke, I'm pro-kerry too) Anyway, keep up the blogging!
-- diplomatic @ dailykos

Chris Knight said...

Lord willing, this is going to be the last *political* article I post here 'til well after the election. I didn't want to post anything political at all, truth be known... but that whole thing about the Bush campaign from four years ago was something I *really* felt led to get out and share with the world.

I don't hate Bush. And I don't want anyone to hate him or Rove or whoever else is associated with this cabal. When you hate someone, you become as they are and you let them have the final victory over you. So it's not that I would wish real hurt on the man. But during the past few weeks as I've seen his followers grow more and more... dare we say, "fanatical"?... I've become convinced that Bush's heart is NOT guided by God, that his is an evil heart that is trying to take something that it doesn't deserve. I don't think Bush should be hurt for that but he does deserve a chance for rehabilitation. He DEFINITELY needs to be stopped.

Anonymous said...

The instant I saw that video on the nightly news I turned to my husband and said, "That looks like Karl Rove!" Glad to know there are others that thought so too!