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Monday, November 01, 2004

Halloween 2004: SHE made me do it!

A month ago Lisa suggested that maybe I get this Jango Fett costume she'd seen in a Halloween store at the mall, so that I could wear it with the Jango helmet that I got two years ago (when I wanted to build a good set of Fett armor). I suspect the REAL reason she wanted me to spring for it is so she could wear my Jedi Knight costume, which is practically movie quality. So it was that after church last night we got decked out like this and went out to eat...

Now, I may be prejudiced, but I've had dinner with the ladies that portray Aayla Secura and Mara Jade for Lucasfilm, among others and they were all very fine charming and lovely young ladies... but Lisa makes for the darned HOTTEST lil' Jedi dame that I ever saw!!

Just hope she doesn't get too cocky with that lightsaber: I don't wanna emulate the fate of my on-screen persona :-)